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<noinclude>{{Managed|Version=1.1|Version notes=1.1 - Changed the version on Care to the one from SimpleGov as it's more up to date
1.0 - First managed version.|Short description=<div style="color:red;">{{fa|warning}} If you want to modify this template, please modify the version on
[https://i.wikibase.nl/index.php/Widget:Link '''i.wikibase'''] and then copy from there.</div>
|Feature=Wiki:Feature/1530870851|Status=Live|Uses managed items=}}

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{{#widget: Link
|type=a, li, etc. (mandatory)

|hrefsurround=Used for images that should be surrounded by an ''a'' link
|alt= Used for alt tags to describe images which results in better SEO scores


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