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Infobox on Infobox Fruit
Example of Infobox Fruit [[File:{{{image}}}|center|240px|link=]]
Freshness facts
Optimum carrying temperature {{{carrying temperature}}}
Highest freezing point {{{highest freezing point}}}
Acceptable product temp. at loading into containers {{{acceptable product temp}}}
Optimum humidity {{{Optimum humidity}}}
Ventilation setting for containers {{{Ventilation setting for containers}}}
Storage life {{{Storage life}}}
Climacteric / non-climacteric {{{Climateric / non-climateric}}}
Ethylene production {{{Ethylene production}}}
Ethylene sensitivity {{{Ethylene sensitivity}}}
Modified / controlled atmosphere {{{Modified / controlled atmosphere}}}
Potential benefits {{{Potential benefits}}}
{{{Locations}}} {{{Months}}}

Infobox Fruit