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!colspan="2" style="background:#8e9590; color:#ffffff"|Facts
!colspan="2" style="background:#8e9590; color:#ffffff"|Facts
|style="width:100px; background:#d4d8d5; padding-left:5px"|Synonym(s)
|synonym = {{#if:}}{{{synonym|}}}|{{{synonym}}}
|style="width:100px; background:#f0f0f0; padding-left:5px"|Origin
|style="width:100px; background:#f0f0f0; padding-left:5px"|Origin

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Infobox on Infobox Chemicals
Structure of Infobox Chemicals [[File:{{{image}}}|center|240px|link=]]
Synonym(s) {{{synonym}}}
Origin {{{origin}}}
Molecular formula {{{molecular formula}}}
CAS-number {{{CAS-number}}}
UN-number {{{UN-number}}}
Risk factors {{{risk factors}}}
Density (in t/m3) {{{density}}}
Density correction factor {{{density correction factor}}}
Boiling point (in oC) {{{boiling point}}}
Melting point (in oC) {{{melting point}}}
Flash point (in oC) {{{flash point}}}
Auto ignition temperature {{{auto ignition temp}}}
Viscosity {{{viscosity}}}
Vapour pressure {{{vapour pressure}}}
Vapour density (air=1) {{{vapour density}}}
Explosion limit {{{explosion limit}}}
TLV-value {{{TLV-value}}}
MAC-value {{{MAC-value}}}
Solubility in water {{{solubility}}}
Appearance {{{appearance}}}
Odour {{{odour}}}
pH value {{{ph}}}