Linseed Cake and Meal

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Infobox on Linseed Cake and Meal
Example of Linseed Cake and Meal
Linseed cake.jpg
Origin -
Stowage factor (in m3/t) 1,27/1,42 m3/t (linseed cake in bags)
Humidity / moisture -
Ventilation -
Risk factors -

Linseed Cake and Meal


Linseed cake and meal is the refuse of linseed after extraction of oil. Shipped in bags and used as animal feed.

Should be perfectly cool before shipment. Liable to heat as a result of processing, also as a result of exposure and wetting by rain, or through the addition of water at the time of processing to make weight. Must be stowed in well-ventilated spaces.

See Expellers and Extractions and Seedcake