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Agri.jpg Seeds and agricultural products Forrest.jpg Forest products
Machinery.jpg Machinery and rolling stock Perishable.jpg Perishables and temperature sensitive cargoes
Minerals.jpg Minerals and rocks Oil.jpg Oils, fats, chemicals and petroleum products
Steel.jpg Metals and steel products Rubber.jpg Other organic materials, such as rubber, leather and paper

<categorytree mode=categories; depth=0>Finished commodities</categorytree> <categorytree mode=categories; depth=0>Forest products</categorytree> <categorytree mode=categories; depth=0>Machinery and rolling stock</categorytree> <categorytree mode=categories; depth=0>Metals and steel</categorytree> <categorytree mode=categories; depth=0>Minerals and rocks</categorytree> <categorytree mode=categories; depth=0>Oils and checmicals</categorytree> <categorytree mode=categories; depth=0>Other organic material</categorytree> <categorytree mode=categories; depth=0>Perishables</categorytree> <categorytree mode=categories; depth=0>Seeds and agriproducts</categorytree>