Fluoboric (Fluoroboric) Acid

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Infobox on Fluoboric (Fluoroboric) Acid
Example of Fluoboric (Fluoroboric) Acid
Origin -
Density (in t/m3) -
Temperature (in oC) -
Humidity / moisture -
Ventilation -
Self-heating / spontaneous combustion -
Risk factors -

Fluoboric (Fluoroboric) Acid


A colourless, mobile liquid usually shipped in polyethylene bottles or polyethylene lined steel drums. Used in aluminium production and for the pickling of stainless steel.

Is corrosive to glass and any material containing silica. Corrosive to skin and toxic by inhalation.

Reference is made to the relevant IMO regulations on hazardous cargo.

Full information on this product is in the process of completion.