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| image                              = Calciumchloride.jpg
| image                              = calciumhyperchlorite1.jpg
| origin                              = -
| origin                              = -
| density                            = -
| density                            = -

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Infobox on Calcium Chloride
Example of Calcium Chloride
Origin -
Density (in t/m3) -
Temperature (in oC) -
Humidity / moisture -
Ventilation -
Self-heating / spontaneous combustion -
Risk factors -

Calcium Chloride


White, deliquescent crystals, granules, lumps or flakes with hygroscopic characteristiscs.

Packed in air-tight drums. Applications includes brine for refrigeration systems and also ice-control on roads.

Liquefies extremely readily, and unless well packed will absorb moisture from the air and become damp, wet or even dissolve in its own water of absorption. Can be dehydrated by heat, or sold as a solution, against depreciation.

Full information on this product is in the process of completion.