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| image                              = picturefollow.jpg
| image                              = Calcium_Bromide-1.jpg
| origin                              = -
| origin                              = -
| density                            = -
| density                            = -

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Infobox on Calcium Bromide
Example of Calcium Bromide
Calcium Bromide-1.jpg
Origin -
Density (in t/m3) -
Temperature (in oC) -
Humidity / moisture -
Ventilation -
Self-heating / spontaneous combustion -
Risk factors -

Calcium Bromide


A white powder or crystals generally packed in fibre drums.

Used in photography, medicine, as a food preservative and in the manufacture of anti-freeze compounds.

If drums are damaged during transit, the commodity may cake and eventually form large blocks. May also be slightly discoloured, freely deliquescing and contaminated, as moisture is absorbed from the air with great avidity. This may result in a depreciated value.

Full information on this product is in the process of completion.