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Infobox on Roots
Example of Roots
Origin -
Stowage factor (in m3/t) -
Humidity / moisture -
Oil content -
Ventilation -
Risk factors -



Shipped in bags, bales or cases.

May be subject to loss in weight due to loss of moisture, or to chafing and consequent seepage from bags, etc. The extent of any such loss will be dependent on the condition of the roots at the time of shipment, the nature of the voyage and handling and stowing. Loss may also be enhanced by poor packing.

Due to the possibility of loss of weight, roots are often sold on the basis of arrived weight. This is particularly applicable to dry ginger. If not properly dried before shipment, some roots may develop mould growth. Are affected by humidity and if badly wetted during transit may rot. This, however, is not always the case, and certain roots, after being cleaned, dried and scraped to remove mould or foreign matter, may have a good market value.

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