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Plants easily suffer from desiccation which, although often not immediately visible, can have serious subsequent effects. It is essential to protect particularly the roots of plants against drying winds, sun and excessive heat in transit.

Plants, particularly shrubs with soft-tipped growth like privet, suffer from heating and sweating due to inadequate ventilation in transit. Soft growth and leaves are killed by overheating, but usually there is some life left in the lower stems and roots, so that plants can be cut down and re-planted with varying degrees of success.

Plants also suffer from cold and frost, but if allowed to thaw out naturally, may recover completely, or at least to a considerable extent.

It is generally agreed that plants do not travel well, but apart from obvious damage caused by impact or bad handling, etc., there are additional problems associated with stress. Examination by experts may identify dead and damaged plants as being a direct result of physiological caused and not plant pests or diseases.

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