Wet salted fish

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Wet salted fish


Shipped in bulk or in hessian bales is subject to decay when confines in warm holds or spaces without adequate ventilation. Adequate dunnage should be used to avoid direct contact between the fish and the ship’s bulkheads, tunnel, etc. Incipient or advanced decay is evidenced by the skin of the fish becoming discoloured, gelatinous and easily rubbed off. This commodity is apt to deteriorate as a consequence of short salting or the use of the improper quality of salt.

Pink stains on the flesh and especially along the bone are generally considered as inherent vice and are caused by bacteria, and fungi such as Pseudomonas salinaria, and others. Pink-stained codfish or codfish deteriorated by bilge water can be salved by thorough washing in very strong brine, salting and cold storage, or in some cases by brushing and cold storage.

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