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An alloy of iron and nickel.

General Shipped in the shape of ingots from Rio Haina (Dom. Rep.) and Doniambo (Noumea).
The ingots have been bundled into units by means of strapping iron.

The weight may vary per unit.

  • From Rio Haina, meas. (l x b x h) are: 76 x 76 x max. 63 cm., weight 800 -1700 kgs.
  • From Doniambo: 132 x 85 x 50 cm., weight 1500 kgs.

Dust contamination must be avoided and containers to be used for this cargo shall be well cleaned. No other cargo must be stowed into the same container with ferronickel. Stowage on steel floors requires the units to be put on dunnage in order to prevent shifting. Parcels to be separated by adding colored stickers onto the strapping iron and never use paint. Between tiers preferably no usage of dunnage.

Reference is made to the relevant IMO regulations of hazardous cargo.

Full information on this product is in the process of completion.