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Infobox on Fennel
Example of Fennel
Freshness facts
Optimum carrying temperature 0°C to +1°C
Highest freezing point -
Acceptable product temp. at loading into containers Max. 2°C above carrying temperature
Optimum humidity 90%-95%
Ventilation setting for containers 10 m³/hr
Storage life 2 weeks
Climacteric / non-climacteric Non-climacteric
Ethylene production None
Ethylene sensitivity None
Modified / controlled atmosphere -
Potential benefits -
On demand


Harvesting and Handling

The edible parts of fennel are the white, enlarged basal parts of the leaf sheathes that are fleshy, turgid, and crispy. The flavour is similar to that of aniseed. Good quality fennel is characterised by uniform and brilliant white leaf sheathes that must be turgid and crispy, with no symptoms of cracking or darkening.

Careful packing is necessary to avoid scratching sheathes which then rapidly turn brown.

Cooling and Storage

Fennel stored at 0°C with 90% to 95% RH can last for 2 weeks. Fennel is not chilling sensitive.

Controlled atmosphere considerations

No CA application has been reported.

Storage disorders

Bacterial soft rot, Grey mould rot, Phoma rot, Phytophthora, Pink rot, Watery soft rot.