Alfalfa Meal

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Infobox on Alfalfa Meal
Example of Alfalfa Meal
Origin Various
Stowage factor (in m3/t) 3,34 m3/t in bags
Humidity / moisture -
Ventilation -
Risk factors See text

Alfalfa Meal


Alfalfa meal is ground dried alfalfa (mostly leaves and flowers). It is a good source of protein, fiber, calcium, iron and chlorophyll.

Alfalfa meal or pellets are often used as animal feed. Primarily they are used to increase organic matter in the soil but do offer nutrients and a high availability of trace minerals. They contain trianconatol, a natural fatty-acid growth stimulant.


Ground alfalfa hay is usually shipped in bags.

Risk factors

Affected by moisture and strong odours. May heat and ferment.